Multiple sports covered, as well as co hosts and interview guests. Feel free to comment on all episodes. But don’t forget to follow the podcast!!!

August 7th, 2018    

ESPN Writer Scoop Jackson lays it all out there with the NBA!!

Scoop Jackson joins the show to discuss the "wide open" NBA Eastern Conference and where the White Sox & Cubs will be in the next two seasons!! Don't forget to follow the show @JCTpodcast on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, here and Itunes!!

And to follow Scoop Jackson: @ibescoopjackson , and don't forget to follow his work on Sportscenter!!


July 31st, 2018    

Ep #69: Sports Talk with Kinte of Indyradio.org

Kinte Fergerson of Indyradio.org talks sports for the first pure sports podcast episode in awhile.




July 27th, 2018    

Ep #68: Bloomington Edge Play By Play man Bill Downing

Bloomington Edge and Dominican University play by play man Bill Downing joins the show to discuss multiple sports topics as well as how he got his start in the industry.


Follow @downing_bill on Twitter for more content, as well as @JCTpodcast


July 26th, 2018    

Ep #67: CEO & Co-Founder of the free Sports.ME App Jeff Rubin

CEO & Co-Founder of the free Sport.Me App on IOS joins the show to discuss the highlights of the new widely used app; coming soon to Android


July 19th, 2018    

Ep #66: Co-owner of Sportsskilleytradio.com Jay Sellner

On air host on 920 the Jersey and co-owner of sportsskilletradio.com Jay sellner joins the show to discus his favorite experiences with the show. Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and follow on Twitter, Podbean and iTunes

Follow @sportsskillet for more content


July 19th, 2018    

Ep #65: Rudedogshow.com personality Rudy Reyes

Rudedogshow.com host Rudy Reyes takes time out of his busy schedule to share some great stories behind the scenes of the broadcasting business! Don't miss out on this amazing interview and don't forget to follow the show here, and on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Podbean.com and iTunes.

Follow @JCTpodcast , @PatVSports , and @RuddogReyes for more content


July 18th, 2018    

Ep #64: Sports Writer Ryan Cole

Overall sports writing genius Ryan Cole steps up to the plate to discuss Cubs second half.


July 16th, 2018    

Ep #63: SB Nation Writer & Unphiltered Truth Podcast Host Phil Robinson III

SB Nation Writer and Unphiltered Podcast Host Philip Robinson III stops by to discuss his podcast and sports career. We also dive into the dying WWE rosters


July 15th, 2018    

Ep #62: Chilanta’s Finest Radio Host Montana Scott

Montana's Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/montana.scott1

Chilanta's Finest Radio Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/chilantaradio/

Montana's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/childofgod_22/

Chilanta's Finest Intagram:https://www.instagram.com/chilantaradio22/

Montana's Twitter: https://twitter.com/chilantaradio


July 13th, 2018    

Ep #61: Writer for FanSided Soccer Harvey Cruz

Contributing writer at FanSided Soccer Harvey Cruz joins the to give the breakdown on all things Soccer. A great preview for the World Cup Final as well. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel as well as follow the podcast @JCTpodcast on twitter and my personal FanSided handle @PatVSports


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